Day 13 With Iggy: Finding God on My Balcony

The more I reflect, the more I notice God in all things.

sunset 1I stepped outside onto my balcony and greeted my friend the sun. It bowed to me and I nodded giving a curtsey as it ducked into the clouds marking the end of another day.  Colors spread far and wide across the sky. I watched the cloud swirl in endless color.  Then the winds picked up. I felt invigorated by its roar for I know that means a storm is brewing. We’ve been in such dire need of rain. Any rain excites me.


I feel very excited by the making of a summer storm. We don’t have thunder storms out here like we do back East. Each time a storm brews, though, I am reminded of summertime as a child. The lighting bugs buzzing around. The thunder that clamps. The wind that groans.  I used to lie in my bed at night during a storm and imagine some woman lost in the Moors of England searching for a child like in Irish folktales about changelings and banshees.

I am invigorated and fascinated by weather and the tales it tells. To me, being wrapped up in nature and the elements, is often more spiritual than sitting in even the most ornate of cathedrals. I have a great appreciation and love for opulent architecture, but there is something about being outside and feeling the sun on my skin, the wind wiping up my hair, and the rain spitting on my face that reminds me how tremendous it is to be alive.  The elemental, sensory, and tangibles pieces of this life place me deep in connection with God. I feel like can commune with God when I can gaze and relish in a sunset or when I gawk wide-eyed at the stars.

God is present is the smallest of life and in the widest expansion of the universe. Look around, breathe it in. He is here.


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