A reflection on “pro life”

I identify as a feminist pro-life- Catholic. That’s enough to make your head spin like Linda Blair. What does that mean?

It means that I believe in the equality of all humans. As a Catholic I believe in advocating for the preservation of the sanctity of all human life from conception until natural death. That means, I do not support abortion,euthanasia, domestic violence and rape, child abuse, racism, human trafficking, the death penalty and anything that denies quality of life to ALL human beings no matter how large or small.  That means I also stand up against environmental destruction and stand up for animal rights as well.

Yesterday, I participated in the Walk for Life West Coast here in San Francisco, CA. It was my first pro-life walk and I was a bit nervous because I know how strongly people feel about reproductive rights on the West Coast. Walking down Market Street, holding a sign in English and Spanish that read, “I am a Pro-Life Generation,” and standing next to a group of men and women Religious saying the Hail Mary, I could not help but retreat inwardly and retrospectively. 

I learned later that there was quite a bit of backlash from Pro-Choice activists and the local news reported our march as causing a “gridlock.” I guess I just blocked it all out. Instead, I focused on why I was there. 

Why am I pro-life? I asked myself. 

I spent a solid decade looking at this topic from different angles. As a woman, I do know what it is feels like to worry about whether or not the choices I am making will impact me in the long run. As a woman, I feel it is not my duty to condemn another woman for her choices. I would never judge another woman for having an abortion.  

I do understand the fight for equality of women.  However, I feel like we have failed women greatly if abortion is our only option. I fight for the rights of both women and the unborn because both are significant. Women would not have abortions if they were shown or given better options: better healthcare, less stigma (regarding pregnancies), better/more prenatal care, financial support during and after the pregnancy (that child is not going to raise its self!), information on adoption, paid maternity leave (many companies do not offer it). I would imagine that in what feels like a hopeless situation, a woman would chose to terminate a pregnancy, if she felt like there were no options left for her. We must stand with women with love and compassion. We must offer the people of this world other options. 

I am advocate for the unborn just as I am for all life. If I am to call myself pro-life, I must be wiling to stand up for all lives.  For if we can not cherish even the smallest forms of life, how can we have respect for life in the womb? It is important to support women, for violence against women saturates the whole of society.  When we treat women’s bodies like garbage, then it is no wonder we have ravished the world around us.

If you and I call ourselves ” pro life”, then we should advocate to end this.

poor children

We should have compassion for the life of the prisoner on death row.


We should advocate for her needs.


We should fight along our brothers and sisters to end racism.


If we are pro-life, we should help protect our girls from human trafficking.

human traffic

We should care for the elders, for the sick, and for the dying.

old person

If we are pro-life, we need to speak for the silent, the broken, the individuals living in fear.


If we are pro-life, we need to respect our natural resources and the animals that share this world with us.


If we believe life begins at conception, then we should fight ferociously to protect and dignify it from the womb to the grave.  That means not only advocating for the needs of those around us, but fighting for injustices, fighting against violence, and loving others as ourselves. Jesus said, in Matthew 25: 35,” For I was hungry and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me” and in verse 40, “whatever you did for these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Remember our eyes should look with compassion, our lips should speak love, our heart should be full of endless joy, and hands should be used to good do work.

* All scriptures taken from The Catholic Study Bible  New American Bible Revised Edition

*Images were collected from:

The Huffington Post

The Chicagoist




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